L’Usure du temps
la restauration des objets du Patrimoine

M. Béhel, E. Chantriaux, M.-C. Depassiot,
X. Hiron et M. Schoefer
Photographs and layout by Paul Veysseyre
ISBN 2-9512226-0-2

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French only
This book is no longer on sale in bookshops,
although a few copies are still available.

  • Maps
  • Legends
  • Photographs
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Format : 22 x 28 cm ; 176 pages in four-colour printing on 150g/m² matte coated paper ; film-coated softcover ; net weight : 0,8kg

All modern restoration techniques are covered in this book, going over a series of 200 often rare archeological objects dating back from the Neolithic era to the Middle Ages. The archeological or historical presentation for each object is followed by extensive explanations of the method with which it was restored.

Removal and restoration of a set of Roman murals discovered on an excavation site.

A series of pictures accompanying clear explanations from the best French specialists on all the steps required for the restoration of a Roman glass urn.

Pictures alongside a detailed explanation on the arduous task of restoring a Roman brazier.

Using modern ressources and methods to rework a nineteenth-century restoration of a Paleo-Christian mosaic.